The Start Of Something Big

Hello and welcome to my travel blog. I was initially wanting to wait until I actually started traveling to start blogging about traveling, and since I am a student and working to save up for world travel, it’s safe to say it’s gonna be a while before I really start… but then I got to thinking, while it is a few years off, I am doing so much now that will eventually lead up to the actual travel much later on. This process of saving up and changing spending habits and planning is a very important process and I feel it should be documented, so I figured I would start the blog sooner rather than later, starting from the very beginning of my journey.

26I am just a girl. One girl, one big dream to see the world, or as much of it as I possibly can. I have the same dream millions share, but so few actually experience.

I don’t want to be tied down to one place, living my entire life in one state or even one country. I want to experience other places, other cultures. The thought of not experiencing these things before it’s too late is one of my biggest fears.

Some people think I’m crazy and that this is dangerous. Okay, maybe it’s a little dangerous… but do I really have a bigger chance at getting killed or whatever while walking down the street just because I’m in a place that isn’t home, that I’m unfamiliar with? Are there really more bad people outside the little bubble that is my hometown/state? It makes zero sense to me that people warn me of the dangers when I am thoroughly researching everywhere I intend to go and will be taking a lot of safety cautions to make sure I won’t be more susceptible to danger than I would be here at home.

Some might think it’s a selfish desire to indulge myself in, just because I do have family here. But honestly, none of them are my dependents, none of them are my responsibility, I am not going to stop living my life the way I want it to be unless it’s for my own children, and since I don’t even plan on having kids… that isn’t a problem I have. Thanks to my lesbianism, I don’t even have to worry about it even happening by accident.

Additionally, apart from just generally finding myself and figuring out who I want to be, I want this journey to be about 25making something for myself, something I can never have by living a static life. I have always wanted to be a writer, this will probably be just what I need to actually write something that I can actually sell. I’ve also always wanted to be a photographer, it’s one of the things I’m going to school for! This might open up some doors for me to become a travel photographer. Let’s be real, that would be the ultimate profession, something I can do from literally anywhere at any time, completely escaping the nine to five life most people are stuck with.

So yeah… that is me, and this is my journey.


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