The Future: School, D:E, and My Career

It has been about two months since I first made the decision to aim to become a traveler after I finish college. Quit whatever job I have at the time, utilize all the talents I have, and build a career for myself on the go. I don’t want to be rich, getting everyone to know me by name isn’t a priority either. When the journey begins, if I can earn enough money to make it to my next destination, I will be happy, and if I am happy, it’s a success in my book.

It’s been a busy two months, to say the least. A lot of hours have gone into researching, not just about places I want to go, but how I’m gonna get to the point to where I can just pack up and go. I am being particularly careful with money and mapping out the following semesters so I can be done with school as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is actually a complete 180 from my “whatever will be, will be” mentality that I had not long before I decided to make all these changes, considering I am spending most of my time committed to finding a way to make all of this happen rather than leaving it up to fate to decide.

Since I made this blog so early with the intention to document my journey to the journey, I thought it was only fitting to make a post mapping out all my goals – in school, for this site, and for my career.


With school being the first obstacle to cross before getting out, naturally it’s the most important and the one I have pretty much figured out.

I am actually registering for classes this month and will be starting in three months! Last time around, I was not as committed to going to class and doing well, which resulted in me being on academic probation. This first semester is basically retaking classes I’ve failed so that I can raise my GPA back up and lose my probationary status.

Spring of 2016 is when the fun really begins. Because of my current probationary status, I might not be eligible for cash aid (I am not eligible for it for the fall, IDK if I can still get it in the spring if I am off probation), so I might not have the funds to invest in a quality DSLR by Spring, so my current plan of action is to just work on GE along with a certificate for Entrepreneurial Ventures.

I might consider summer school to finish off GE in Summer of 2016, but I am a strong believer that summer in Fresno is for staying inside with my good friends Ben & Jerry, so it’s just a maybe for now.

Fall 2016 will be to finish off the Entrepreneurial Ventures certificate and GE if I don’t utilize summer school… and to start on the major core requirements for my photo degree, since I will definitely have cash aid by then and enough money to invest in a good camera! Once that is started, I should be able to finish it off within three semesters, so I should be done by Fall 2018!

I really don’t see myself wasting much time after I graduate, once I’m out of school, I plan on just jumping into the next adventure and starting my life.

Destination: Everyplace

For this website, I have a lot of plans! The title has actually grown on me so much so that I actually want to build a brand for it. I don’t know exactly what I will be doing yet, much less how to do it, which is partially why I am gonna be working on a certificate for entrepreneurial ventures. I hope a little education might help me figure it out.


My Career

Now, this I am the most excited for, but have the least figured out. I mean, I know I want to do photography, I know what kind of photography I want to do. I also know I want to write, and I have a small idea of the kind of writing that I plan to do. The beauty of those two outlooks is that they really do go hand in hand. The only thing is I am not sure exactly where to start, other than just going out there and building a portfolio, which will be easier done when I have a camera that’s better quality than my cell phone.

I do hope to make friends with people within the industry who can offer advice, but for now, I think my big focus is on school until I can afford a DSLR and start practicing more.


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