My Influences Part III: Breezy Baldwin


This great influencer has only been influencing me for a relatively short time, compared to others on the list… but that’s not to say she’s not just as important.


I first learned about Breezy Baldwin when she was doing tour photography for one of my favorite musicians, Alexz Johnson. At first, I really only followed her for the tour photos, and other Alexz fans I talk to on a regular basis only really mentioned other musicians Breezy had worked with, so I kind of assumed her forte was music photography, so I didn’t really think to look further into her work and things she did outside of music/tour photography.


When I finally did, I was completely blown away by how much talent she has. I researched her and what she’s about, and everything I learned about her just continues to be so inspiring to me as I try to figure out my own future.

60As a photographer, she does work with a lot of musicians, but she also focuses on a lot of other aspects as well. What’s inspired me the most, I think, is her travel photography. She’s been all over and taken some of the most beautiful photos I think I’ve ever seen, pictures that make me feel like I’m in another world.

And as a person, she does so much more. She travels a lot, she’s been involved with several charities over the years, being committed to helping those who are less fortunate. With her art, and how many lives I’m sure she’s touched, I honestly believe the world is a better place because she’s in it and that the world can really use more people like her.


Another thing I love about Breezy, is she is just so grounded and normal. She’s a fangirl at heart and isn’t afraid to geek out over nerdy things and I just love that about her. (Hey, what can I say? Nerds are sexy so me. :p) I really admire people who remain humble and stay true to who they are after they succeed, rather than become someone completely different because they suddenly think they’re better than everyone else just because they made it.

I basically want to be her best friend.


Additionally, she directs/films music videos and documentaries, she is a web and graphic designer, and that’s not even the half of it. She is the definition of busybody, and seeing all she does just and all of her success, it just inspires me for my own future career and life. It was when I was going though her blog, World Travlr, I saw this post about how to travel for free, and it changed my way of thinking entirely. Knowing how she does all the travel on a budget and is still able to make a name for herself, I feel that was a huge part of me realizing the life I want is more than possible and, thanks to Breezy, I now aspire to be a self-employed nomad for life. Someday!

I would love to work with her one day, just because I know there is so much I can learn from her… it’s one of my many goals.


To connect with Breezy or learn more about what she does, check out the links below!

All photo credit belongs to Breezy Baldwin, used with permission.


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