My Influences Part V: My Niece

This influence is by far the shortest. Mostly because she’s only two years old. It really goes to show that the smallest things can make the biggest differences.


I am pretty sure I briefly mentioned my little sister in a previous post, I can’t really remember which one. Not going into that much detail, she isn’t really the most reliable person and she has a tendency to make questionable life choices.

It’s no secret that I am like Sophie’s favorite person in the world, everybody tends to comment on how much she loves and adores me, and it’s clear to see. Sophie is like my youngest best friend that I would do anything for and being her aunt is like one of my favorite things in the world.

Being someone Sophie clearly looks up to so much inspires me to want to make something of my future, something impossibly big, to show her that anything is possible if you make the right choices and don’t get mixed with the wrong crowd. I want to be the one who teaches her she can be anything, in the best way possible… by showing her.

Of course, I do have some worries, like the fact that I won’t physically be here for her for the most part of all of this, but at the same time, I know I’ll always come back for her. Also, it helps that this is the 21st century, so there is always a way to see her via the internet, seeing her via skype or family showing her what I’m up to via whatever I happen to post from wherever I happen to be at the time.

In my life, I want to inspire her to do something great in hers. I want her to dream big and to never stop believing in something bigger and better. Honestly, the same goes for all the kids in my life, I don’t ever want them to outgrow their curiosities about the world around them or to ever stop exploring.


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