Stuck In Perpetual Uncertainty

I feel like this is a place we’ve all been. A place in which you’re absolutely sure about nothing and there’s a sense of uncertainty about pretty much everything, regarding your future, your career, and sometimes on things far beyond that, that your mind just can’t even comprehend at the time. It wasn’t that long ago when I was in this place.

Now, one of my closest friends is in this place. Seeing the steps I’m taking to build my future was kind of inspiring to her, so much so that she quit her job so she can focus more on her art on a professional level. Thing about the arts, jobs aren’t really a guaranteed thing and everything is either selling your own work or freelance/commission based. Given her situation, and what she’s wanting to do, I can definitely not blame her for feeling as lost as she currently does.

It got me thinking. While I am definitely out of that place, I know not only what I want and I’ve laid out several goals and how I plan to get from this point in my life to where I want to be, and I have a number of people helping me out any way they can, whether it be advice or something completely different. I feel like part of me is perpetually stuck in that place of uncertainty, just because it’s still so early in the process and I plan on spending the next three years in school, learning and preparing for the journey I hope will last my whole life, ultimately.

So, what is the secret to getting out of that state of uncertainty? I have a few theories. Part of me feels like it’s all dependent on time and place and how ready you are for what’s to come. Maybe meeting the right people and letting them inspire you. People change people, meeting the right person at the right time and just learning from them, about their lives, can really do so much.


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