Things To Do (Another Bucket List)

A while ago, I posted a bucket list of sorts of places I want to go. I thought why not do another bucket list themed post, but with things I want to do in life rather than places I want to go, because there’s a lot, and traveling the world will open up a lot of opportunities to do many of them. Some of these tasks are honestly things that scare the crap out of me, while others are just things I figure I’d be really good at.

So, here’s my top 10 list, in no particular order.

  • Learn how to scuba dive! This is definitely on the top of the list.
  • Parasailing. This is one of the things that scares the crap out of me, but ever since I went on the Soarin’ Over California ride at California Adventures, I just really want to try it for real.
  • Learn to surf. Possibly not so high on my list, because I am certain I would not succeed. Not being a downer on myself or anything, it’s just that I have the balance of a baby giraffe that hasn’t walked yet. Or Bambi on ice.
  • Get published in National Geographic.
  • Go on a safari.
  • Also pet a lion. I’m guessing just getting up close via safari would be the closest I’ll get though. You never know, though!
  • Swim with dolphins.
  • Also swim with sharks and live to tell the tale.
  • See the Northern Lights.
  • Hike the El Camino Del Rey in Spain. It was a lot more appealing before they rebuilt it, but it still has a view I am excited to see.

2 thoughts on “Things To Do (Another Bucket List)

  1. That’s such an impressive list! 😀

    “Hiking el caminito del rey” is probably my favourite, but I’m totally biased as I just love people from Malaga and Malaga itself! Seeing the Northen lights is also in my list, though.

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    • Thank you!

      Nice! I actually just learned about that trail relatively recently, when I saw a video going around Facebook from a few years back before it was rebuilt. Doesn’t look as adventurous now, but at least there’s less of a chance of me dying because of my balance (or lack of). :p


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