Top 5 Travel Bloggers

About a week ago, I posted an entry in which I listed my top 5 favorite travel vloggers and I thought why not do the same for travel blogs? Depending on the blogger, many of them have much more information out there and can be just as helpful, if not more helpful. In no particular order…

World Travlr. It’s not exactly a secret how much I love Breezy’s photography and seeing pictures of her travels and reading about her adventures. Her blog is the first I came across that REALLY educated me and made me realize that travel doesn’t have to be for the rich. I have heard that a million times, but it never really registered until I read this post about how she does it for (almost) free. It was ultimately that post that pushed me into actually saving for the future I want. This blog is easily the one I go to time and time again, even if it’s just to reread old posts and admire her work.

Nomadic Matt. I know I mentioned Matt Kepnes in the last list, but I feel this list would really lack something if I didn’t include him as well. Matt is probably THE most popular travel blogger, he teaches travelers how to budget their expenses. He has a book out called “How to Travel the World on $50 A Day” which I actually just got today and am in the process of reading it. I’m only about 50 pages in, but I can already say it is a must read for ANYONE who wants to travel more but don’t think they have the time or money. He has also written a bunch of travel guides, along with other books. On his blog, he covers basically anything and everything you would want to know about travel, giving tips and tricks to finding a good travel credit card, finding good flights, buying good insurance, and much, much more. He truly wants to help others find the means to do as he’s doing, which is such an awesome thing.

True Nomads. This blog is really interesting. Justin’s niche is not only traveling, but also scuba diving and underwater photography. As someone who aspires to travel and is obsessed with the idea of scuba diving. (Literally, it’s like #1 on my bucket list and I think I might try to find a way to actually live under the sea once I actually do learn…) His underwater photography is simply beautiful. He’s also got a lot of lists of places to go/dive, reviews on travel gear, accommodations and travel sites, and more. All in all, he’s a cool dude.

Expert Vagabond. Matthew Karsten is an adventurer and travel photographer. He loves to take all the risks. I actually think it was his blog where I first learned about El Caminito Del Rey in Spain, noted for being the world’s most dangerous hike. Of course, as soon as I learned about it, I knew it was so crazy that I just had to add it to mu bucket list. On his blog, you get to read all about his adventures, along with photos, and a bunch of really helpful resources.

Hopscotch The Globe. Kristen Sarah is another blogger I know I mentioned in the list of vloggers, but she really is good at what she does and extremely helpful. On her blog, you will find the same things she makes videos about, but sometimes way more in depth. She aims to inspire and teach her readers/viewers about the places she goes and the things she sees and so much more.


Expanding My Professional Horizons

I was just looking at my calendar and realized that it’s a little less than two months until I start classes, and as fast as time seems to be going, I am pretty sure it will be here in practically a blink of an eye. I have an excel worksheet that lays down all the courses I need to take and when I plan to be taking them, and if all goes as planned, I should graduate in December of 2018. It really cannot come quickly enough…

That got me thinking of how I’ll be spending the next three years, outside of school and work. I already feel like a lot of that time will be spent writing. I have so many ideas spinning around in my head for books, including the one I am currently working on. Many of which I cannot actually start until I begin my travels. I also feel like I’ll be spending a LOT of time on photoshop, either experimenting with photo editing or experimenting with graphic design. Hopefully I’ll eventually get better with graphic design because right now, I feel like I kinda suck. Also, I am interested in it and can see myself being somewhat successful in that area. I recently designed a poster for a contest, which I kinda doubt I’ll win, but it’s experience!

All that inspired me to really think of all the other possible paths I can take that I can do while traveling full time, trying to expand my horizons, so to say. Photography and writing are two things I’ve always wanted to do professionally, but somehow I am just starting to really take in and realize how much is available on a freelance, work-where-you-want basis. Things such as graphic design, web design, SEO & Marketing, blogging, videography, and the list goes on.

One of the other options that I have been thinking about for a while, that I might end up launching into before I even graduate, is small business planning and startup. I am wanting to wait until I get my certificate in entrepreneurial ventures, but that won’t take long after I start and there is already something I’m wanting to do that will hopefully be put into motion by this time next year.

Videography is also something I am wanting to test the waters of. I actually have a little bit of experience with that, along with video editing, from like 7 years ago. Looking back at those creations, I am not particularly proud, but I would always get comments saying how awesome it was. I guess that’s something? I hope to experiment and improve my abilities in these areas.

And of course, graphic design. I might take a class or two for this at some point. I feel like, for a starter, I’m not terrible… but there are so many people who are better. It’s another area in which I hope to improve with within the following three years so I can do it professionally, with as much confidence as I have with photography and writing.

Top 5 Travel Vloggers

I am admittedly kind of obsessed with Youtube, and I am also looking for tips and advice for my future travels. It is kind of a given that I came across so many channels that share their own travels and advice, giving me so much inspiration. Here are just a few that I find most helpful, personally. In no particular order…

1. Sonia Gil of Sonia’s Travels. Sonia’s content is professionally produced. She uploads tons of reviews on travel gear, advice on how to make travel easier, and she really takes you with her on her adventures. Admittedly, I probably won’t really be following all of her advice, moreso for budgeting, just because I am cheap and she’s not. But that’s not to say her advice isn’t applicable.

2. Kristen Sarah of Hopscotch The Globe. Kristen is an actress, a traveler, a blogger, a vlogger… on her channel, you will find some hilarious skits, awesome advice, daily vlogs during her travels, along with food reviews. She also does a few fashion/beauty vlogs every once in a while, if you’re also into that. I especially love her daily travel vlogs when she shares stories about where she’s at.

3. Matthew Kepnes of Nomadic Matt. Matt is a pretty well known traveler. He is like the master of traveling on a light budget. He has a book, How To Travel The World On $50/Day, which I have actually not read (I recently ordered it on Amazon though, so hopefully I’ll get it soon!), but it has really rood reviews and I have talked to other budget travelers who swear by it like it were actually a bible. Clearly, he knows what he’s doing. His channel offers how to’s and tips, along with a bunch of Q&A’s and videos from his travels.

4. Nadine Sykora of Hey Nadine. She offers travel guides, tips and how-to’s, along with general videos, and her adventures. He is very happy-go-lucky and I love her humor.

5. Psycho Traveler. She is a backpacker that offers a bunch of tips on backpacking, travel, budgeting, etc.

Escaping The Bubble

Fairly recently, someone asked me about the number one thing I was looking forward to most when it comes to my future travels. It took me a while to think about, I mean… there’s so much I’m looking forward to. I didn’t really know how to narrow it down to just one. After like a week of really thinking, I think I figured it out.

If you know me, you know I am an introvert. Actually, “introvert” doesn’t even begin to describe me. Especially when I’m at home, constantly around my family or coworkers, people I see on a regular basis. I am comparable to a hermit crab that never comes out of it’s shell. It’s not like I don’t want to come out of my shell, but I feel stuck in there. The only times I ever feel free and like I can comfortably come out of the shell is when I am out of town, far away from home, with friends. I don’t know why, but those are the times I feel like I can truly be myself, not really having to worry what others think.

206So, I think that’s the one thing I’m looking forward to the most. No longer feeling stuck in this bubble, or like I’m a hermit crab who can’t escape her shell. I know I won’t really get anywhere if I’m always feeling stuck. I want to push myself as far out of my safety bubble as I possibly can… to be forced to talk to strangers. I want to let go of all my shyness and just live for the moment.

Book Writing and Photoshop Experimenting (Amongst Other Things)

First things first… I know it’s been a while since I posted anything here. Sorry about that, I’ve just been busy. I had some work, school is starting in about two months and I’ve still got a lot to review before I going into my calculus class and expect to pass.

But I have been working on some more interesting things as well! For example, I’ve been experimenting with Photoshop, and I am apparently not bad for a beginner at all. I actually have a DeviantArt where I post finished projects that I actually like. Actually, the new header on this blog is one of the examples.

Another awesome thing I have been working on is a book. I can’t really give too much information on it right now, but I promise I will update when I can. I will say that it’s inspired highly by this blog and it will be nonfiction. It is already shaping up to be something I am proud of, which actually says a lot because as critical I am of myself, it takes a lot to make me proud of someone I’ve done. I really am my own worst critic.