Escaping The Bubble

Fairly recently, someone asked me about the number one thing I was looking forward to most when it comes to my future travels. It took me a while to think about, I mean… there’s so much I’m looking forward to. I didn’t really know how to narrow it down to just one. After like a week of really thinking, I think I figured it out.

If you know me, you know I am an introvert. Actually, “introvert” doesn’t even begin to describe me. Especially when I’m at home, constantly around my family or coworkers, people I see on a regular basis. I am comparable to a hermit crab that never comes out of it’s shell. It’s not like I don’t want to come out of my shell, but I feel stuck in there. The only times I ever feel free and like I can comfortably come out of the shell is when I am out of town, far away from home, with friends. I don’t know why, but those are the times I feel like I can truly be myself, not really having to worry what others think.

206So, I think that’s the one thing I’m looking forward to the most. No longer feeling stuck in this bubble, or like I’m a hermit crab who can’t escape her shell. I know I won’t really get anywhere if I’m always feeling stuck. I want to push myself as far out of my safety bubble as I possibly can… to be forced to talk to strangers. I want to let go of all my shyness and just live for the moment.


One thought on “Escaping The Bubble

  1. I definitely know the feeling. I wouldn’t say I’m shy, but I’m introvert in the sense that I never let anyone in (actually, I edit every message like a hundred times before sending it because I feel like I’m telling too much lol). When I’m feeling shy or hesitant about doing something, I just pretend I’m brave hehe. It’s silly, but works for me :). Using my real name to write on an unknow blog on the Internet was one of my brave acts lol


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