Working Holiday Visa Options for Americans

Working Holiday Visas are an amazing thing, and for a lot of people in other cultures… it’s almost like a rite of passage, so to say. Depending on where you’re from and where you want to go, you can spend 1-2 full years in that other country, working and getting paid for it while you take time to explore the country in your down time. For someone who wants to get into long term travel but isn’t really sure how or where to start, this is a good option and an amazing opportunity. This post will go over all of the options one would have as an American looking into getting a WHV.

  1.  New Zealand.

Learning about the Working Holiday Visa NZ offers, it actually inspired me to look into doing this. (Before, I was simply researching for blogging purposes, not really for myself). If I do in fact go for a WHV in the next 2-3 years as I plan to, there’s like a 97.825% chance it will be in New Zealand.

For the basic requirements, you must be between 18 and 30, be able to prove you have sufficient funds to live there (about $4200 NZD or $2772 USD), and be able to pay the $165 (USD) application fee and have not been approved for the visa before.

You are allowed to stay for 12 months, but you can only work for each employer for up to 6 months. However, if one of the jobs you hold happens to be on a farm, you can extend the say by 3 months to work another farm job. Also, the job market there is booming, so it generally doesn’t take long at all to actually find work once you get there, assuming you are in a big city and you’re looking in the right industries.

  1. Australia.

Despite the fact that it rains spiders in Australia, possibly on a weekly basis, it is my immediate second country of choice to get the WHV in.

It’s basically the same as NZ’s, except I don’t think they have the option to extend it, they ask for you to have $5000 AUD ($3691 USD) in funds to live there while looking for a job and the application fee is $420 AUD or $310 USD.

Both New Zealand and Australia are very easy places to get Working Holiday Visas for, and apparently the process is very quick. You do the application and they usually approve you within days or, in some cases, hours. Once you’re approved, you have a year to actually depart and the visa activates as soon as you land in the country you’re going to work in.

  1. Ireland.

It’s not as easy to get as Australia or NZ, but it’s still relatively easy to get, from my understanding of it. This one is best for students. There is no age requirement, but you have to be enrolled in higher education or have graduated within a year. You must apply in person or by mail at the Embassy of Ireland in Washington or one of the Consulates General of Ireland offices located throughout the country. You will be asked to prove your academic status and that you have EU1500 ($1641 USD), the application fee is EU250 plus $13 USD mailing fee if applicable.

  1. Singapore.

This one is very similar to Ireland’s, in the respect that it’s for students. You must be between age 18 and 25, be enrolled in university or have graduated in the last 12 months. The pass costs $150 USD and it allows one to live and work in Singapore for 6 months.

  1. South Korea.

This one is way more complicated and restrictive than the rest on this list and takes a lot of time to finish. You must be aged 18-30, and you must be a student in university or have graduated within a year… you need to prove you have enough funds to support yourself for about three months (which amounts to be about $10,000 USD) and the application fee is only $45 USD. Most of the jobs available to Americans there are English teaching jobs, but you’re not allowed to accept a job as an English teacher with this visa. If you don’t speak Korean, you won’t really have that many options. Additionally, you cannot come in to seek jobs such as media or journalism. I think most of the jobs you will find here are high level tech jobs.

Of course, these are only for people within the United States. If you’re in another country, you might have many more options to choose from if you search them out!


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