LA Getaway!

A few updates in this post! First things first… I have officially started school! So far it’s going well, but it’s still early in the semester (going on week 3), so we shall see.

The more exciting update, though, is that I am essentially moving to LA for a month in a few weeks! Funny story, my aunt has this open door policy with me. The idea of me staying a month started out as a joke since I was planning on being there for a few days but couldn’t decide on when to leave. That joke became a serious offer, and I literally didn’t have it in me to turn it down. This will be my first long term travel experience and the longest time I’ve been away from home without someone from home joining me.

I am still very much in the planning mode for this trip, but a couple things I intend to do include… epic reunion with a couple high school friends, an art show or two, a music video premiere, touring Queen Mary, hopefully a couple trips to the beach, and unfortunately a lot of studying, as I am not able to put my classes on hold like I was able to for work. Hopefully a lot of other fun stuff as well, I will definitely keep y’all updated via this blog or the facebook page and twitter, so be sure to follow me in those places!

My best friend is actually totally expecting me to fall in love with the lifestyle down there and ultimately decide to move there. She probably wouldn’t be surprised if I just tried finding work or transferring to the LA office and transferred all my college credits to some college in the LA area where the photography program would be arguably better. While that idea is already very inviting, I do not think my aunt’s open door policy is an invitation to come live with her, so I kind of don’t see it happening. (One can dream though!)


On Success

What does it take to be successful? In school? In life? In your career? How does one even really define something that’s literally different for everyone?


I am currently in the lengthy process of writing an essay for a scholarship. The essay is about my definition of success and my plans to be successful in school and my career path. Going into it, I thought it would be easy. I mean, I know my definition of success, I would consider myself a generally successful person, and I have a strict plan of action that I am using to ensure I succeed with all of my future goals.

But is that really enough? My goals for the future are so big. Bigger than anything I’ve ever dealt with in the past. If course, I’ve always been successful as a person, but all my successes so far have been on the small side. Then there’s people in my life who literally consider me to be the most successful person they know. Not gonna lie, that is a little bit of an ego booster, but it’s also a lot of pressure to keep being successful, even when I have no clue what I am really doing. If by slim chance I do fail, it would mean disappointing others.

I think what I’m scared of most, even more than disappointing others who look up to me, is disappointing myself. I am a planner, I can plan everything out and have it look foolproof, but planning is easy. Putting the plans into action though, that’s when it all becomes real. That’s when all of this research and preparation really matters and it’s what will really be the judge of how successful this part of it all really is. Knowing there’s so many unknowns excites me and challenges me, but it also scares me to death.

Official Facebook Page!

Just a quick little post to announce that I recently made a Facebook page for Destination: Everyplace. Of course I had to take my time getting it ready and trying to decide on what it will be like in relation to this blog.

Mostly, it will be similar to posts you see here, but I plan on heavily expanding it to include helpful things such as book recommendations/other blog recommendations/helpful YouTube videos, and because I am annoyingly obsessed with searching out cheap travel deals, I might even include some of those in there as well!

Feel free to check it out and spread the word! 🙂