Working On The Road

One thing I intend to do while traveling, when I finally do, is work various jobs while on the road. It’s an obvious way of getting money to travel, or continue traveling, that many people don’t often consider. Obviously I will be working on building my career as a photographer and writer, but I am smart enough to realize it might be a while before I make enough off of those two things alone to finance my travels for the long term.


Confession time. I’ve been doing well with my savings, I’m over 150% of where I expected to be at this time – five months after I started. But my goal is still relatively low, especially for someone wanting to travel full time and see the world, long term. This is because if I saved enough to cover all the travel without having to worry about stopping to work a little here and there to reload, I’d be stuck at home saving for years. I don’t want to worry about money, I just want to make it work. The experience is what’s important, not the money.

I’d be much better off if I am open to taking up some jobs here and there that will either finance my travels, help out with accommodation, or a combination of the two. 

Here are 5 jobs I would love to take on during my travels. Many of these are actually very high on the bucket list.

  1. Various jobs via various working holiday visas. I recently changed my major yet again. Kinda. Still photography, but instead of going for a degree, I’m going for a certificate. The major core is exactly the same, but there is no GE, which means I have the opportunity to graduate in two years rather than three. I will be 27 when I graduate, maybe 26 if I can make it a semester earlier. After graduating, I plan on going to New Zealand immediately after I graduate on a working holiday visa. There, I will have the opportunity to travel, work, save money – a lot more than I can here in America. I’ll probably be working mostly hospitality jobs. After the year in NZ, I want to spend a second year abroad on a second WHV, this time in Australia, where I would be taking on jobs in the Outback, more than likely… also combatting my arachnophobia.
  2. Working on a cruise ship. A few years back, I went through this phase of sorts. I wanted to live on a boat full time, sailing the ocean. I thought land was overrated. This will kind of give me that experience! Also, cruise ship workers get a really good amount of money and because room and board + meals are included, you get to keep most of your earnings, which is nice.
  3. Housesitting. It’s not a paid thing, but it helps with accommodation. You basically watch someone’s house. Sometimes for a few weeks, sometimes for several months. You pay nothing to stay there, just your average day-to-day expenses.
  4. Au pair. I love kids, kids love me. Doing this job, I’ll essentially be able to take care of someone else’s kids (which I’m kind of an expert at by now anyways). I’ll get free room and board and a paycheck, which is nice.
  5. WWOOFing. With World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, I’d be volunteering on farms around the world. Like housesitting, I more than likely won’t get paid, but I will save on accommodation as room and board is offered to all volunteers.

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