#1 Travel Weakness

Of all the methods to travel that I’ve experienced, train has always been my favorite. Since I am boarding the train tomorrow morning to go to LA, I figured why don’t I just tell a funny story?

I’m not sure if anyone else has this issue or if it’s just me (and my best friend), but whenever we would travel by train and bus to go to LA as we would have done several times over the past few years, we would ALWAYS overestimate the length of the trip down. It’s like 4 hours, which isn’t long at all… but we always acted like we were gonna be on the train and bus for a couple days or something, completely stocking up on food for the trip. It’s a weakness. Our table on the train would look like Harry and Ron’s compartment in the Hogwarts Express in Sorcerer’s Stone after Harry buys all the candy for him and Ron to share. It never fails. The ride back, all we had was a box with a dozen donuts that we shared with some others on the train that night.

And it’s not even just with Liz. Before I started traveling to LA with her, I’d be going alone. In summer of 2011, I went to LA a lot for a movie I was involved with. Before my grandma would take me to the train station, she would insist stopping by Jack In The Box and get me four junior bacon cheeseburgers because that was my favorite at the time and a large soda and fries, all for the trip down. Then at the window as we were getting the food, she would take her time bragging that I was going to Hollywood to be in a movie and tell them the whole story. When it came to what I actually ate, most of the fries and like 2.5 of those burgers along with half the soda usually went to waste because I really don’t eat that much.

Realistically, if I eat a good meal before the journey, I can get through the whole ride without eating anything, just a bottle of water or two and a pack of gum to keep my ears from popping too much on the bus half of the trip. So on this journey, I am gonna try something different. Since I’m going with a bare minimum anyways with packing extremely lightly… I may as well extend that to food or drinks I’ll be taking with me. Because, let’s be honest… it’s not like there’s going to be a days-long delay at any point in the 4-hour ride.


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