This month in LA is coming to a close soon. I feel this trip has been an important lesson. I experienced much more than I really expected and it’s not even the end. I learned a lot. I learned that anyone can learn music (I was in a band! Kinda… I played percussion! And I was actually good!) I also feel like I got a good taste of what it’s like to travel – to be a far distance from home, away from the people I see on a daily basis. Here are just a few of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my time spent away from home…

  1. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. As much as I have truly loved spending so much time away from home, loved the experience… I miss my family like crazy. Things that drove me crazy before, things like the boys busting into my room to play with me while I’m trying to finish an assignment, suddenly hold more meaning. Honestly, the kids in my life are probably the ones I miss the most. I can’t wait to see them again next week. Even though I’ll have only been away from them for a month, it feels like so much longer and I’m almost expecting to come back to discover they’ve had this major growth spurt while I was gone.
  1. People aren’t all that annoying. I tend to be a loner, I don’t always talk to others. I have talked to a lot of people throughout this trip. On walks… at the mall… in the donut shop down the street… all these people are people I’ll probably never talk to again, but they all had something to offer. Not in the physical sense, but I feel like learned to appreciate a good conversation with a perfect stranger. This is definitely something that will ultimately help me later on.
  1. If you want something, go for it. You might just get it. I’ve been acquainted with someone I look up to for a while thanks to the internet. I met her on my second night here and expressed interest in meeting her before she left town again, and so we did. I learned a lot from her, much more than I intended. Her friendship is something I’ve wanted for a while just because she’s such an awesome person all around. I am grateful that I feel like I have that now.
  1. Possibly the most important thing I’ve learned. As much as I miss my family and can’t wait to go home and see them again, I don’t want this to end. I don’t want to wait until I’m done with school to officially start traveling to farther places and doing more. Considering I have summers and like 3 weeks between semesters in the winter, there’s theoretically no reason why I can’t. Hell, with student discounts, while I am in school might be the best time to travel abroad. I am actually in the planning stages of my first trip abroad hopefully within the next year-ish… doing a load of research and developing a budget and other plans. I will talk more about that in a later post. Big things are coming!

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