Travel Gear

With me going to Canada in approximately 25 days, I have been investing in a lot of gear. Well, not a lot, but my credit card would agree to disagree. Since I am 92% sure I am done with the bigger purchases, I thought I would go ahead and write up a post talking about key investments, talk about how I like them so far, then follow up with a post in January in which I will talk about how they fared during travel.

I wasn’t going to invest in a travel pack yet, I planned to just use the rolling suitcase I already have. After a lot of research, I decided to just splurge a little and buy the Osprey Porter 30l. I think the retail value for this bag is about $140, but I got it for around $80 on Amazon. I decided on investing in a backpack because they are much more versatile and much better mobility. I received it a couple days ago and haven’t really tested it out beyond making adjustments so it fits me and making sure it’s comfortable. It is perfectly sized, I feel like it will have more than enough room for me to take everything I plan on taking.

Aside from a travel pack, I also wanted to invest in a daypack. I went for the Gonex Ultralight Packable Backpack, which you can find on Amazon for $12.98 ($25.99 Retail). It’s small, not really designed to carry a lot more than essentials. Unpacking it is easy but packing it back into the zippered pocket takes skill. I actually have used it already when I went to a friend’s house overnight. I packed in my pajamas and an extra shirt, plus a few other things. I personally loved it.

Lonely Planet Vancouver Travel Guide + Pullout Map. I was actually just looking for a map, but I decided to go for a guide instead because how can I go wrong with that? The information in this guide is awesome and makes me all the more excited to finally go to Vancouver!

And finally, a Travel Journal. This is an investment I wish I would have made before going to LA for a month in September/October. My memory is not that good at all. I wish I would have gotten one and forced myself to write in it whenever something cool/interesting happened, that way nothing would be forgotten.




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