Vancouver Part II

Days 4-5 (1/1-1/2/2016)


My 4th day in Vancouver was actually my one lazy day. I felt too sick from the day before so I just stayed in and spent time recuperating. I think it was that day that I decided I would just appreciate California’s warm winters. I spent the day watching So Weird and listening to Alexz Johnson and researching things to do the next couple days.

Day 5 was spent almost entirely on Main Street. I started at Science World, pretty sure I was having even more fun than the kids in there… I failed at a whole bunch of puzzles and tried to build a tower out of blocks. I might not have been entirely successful, but I had a lot of fun and highly recommend anyone going to Vancouver to check it out!

When I finished up at the Science Center, I went along Main Street and visited several of the galleries. I only got through four galleries before it started getting dark again. Many of the galleries I did wanna check out were actually closed on Saturday, so I had a bit of a planning fail there… but I still saw a lot and had a great day overall.


Day 6-7 (1/3-1/4/2016)


On my sixth day of exploring Vancouver, I went back to the west end! I explored the gay capital of the city. There were SO MANY RAINBOWS! I was in love with this part of town. I decided that day that I would just go without a map that day and let myself get as lost as I can get. Apparently by day 6 in Vancouver I became an actual Vancouverite because it wasn’t as disastrous as I kind of hoped it would be. I wandered off and saw a few cathedrals, explored all the shops and went through a couple more galleries (I really, really appreciate art. :p). By the time it was getting dark, I was looking for a Starbucks so I can connect to the internet and find out the best route back. I never found the Starbucks, but I did find a beach! I hung out at the beach for about an hour and appreciated the beauty before leaving for the bus. Instead of actually looking for a route back, I hopped on a random bus figuring it would take me to the Skytrain station, which I already had mastered at this point.

Day seven was another relax day. I did my laundry and packed up. I did go out, it was mainly just to lunch with a couple of friends that I met on day one (yes! My kidnappers…) I also stopped by a few stores to grab a few Canadian snacks to smuggle back home. Food in Canada is seriously like 1000x better than America. I also went to a Buddhist Temple in Richmond! It was so beautiful and peaceful. Such a perfect place to just sit and meditate.


Coming Home (1/5/2016)


I had to be at the airport at 5 AM so naturally I didn’t get any sleep. I did try though! I have a major case of traveler insomnia, I literally just can’t sleep when I know I’m going somewhere the next morning. I wasn’t that worried about the flight though, or about a million things that could go wrong. I think secretly, I was hoping something would go wrong and I’d be stuck in Canada a little longer. I definitely was not scared about the flight, just super excited. My flight took off around 8:30 and I made it back to LA before noon. I spent the entire flight daydreaming about my next adventure.

All in all, there are a lot of things I wish I would have done differently, along with things I would have thought to research before arrival in Canada… but it was an incredible adventure and I can’t wait to continue my journey. A lot of mistakes were made and so many lessons were learned, but this is just the beginning.  



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