Planning V. Spontaneity

I have been incredibly busy in the last few weeks plotting my next adventure which will be happening over summer, and will be slightly more long term than my Vancouver adventure! (By slightly, I mean slightly a lot. Full on vagabonding mode!) As I map the journey and figure out places I will be exploring and countries I will be checking off my list, I find myself thinking about planning versus spontaneity in travel. Which is the better road to take? Which will guarantee a more memorable experience all around?

I have always been a planner, until it comes to the moment of actually acting on the plans. Then I am just like, “Screw the plans. I’ll just wing it!” It never fails. Even with Canada, especially after the 3rd day when i finally got the public transport down. About 90% of the trip was just getting lost and finding interesting things. Maps? What are those?

Of course, I think in Canada, one is allowed a massive amount of spontaneity. Everyone is so nice, you don’t have a lot to lose. Actually, you have so much more to gain by being able to just say yes to every opportunity. There are some things I feel I should have planned out better and stuck to, but I don’t really see those things as a mistake because the outcome was kind of incredible.

Of course, not everywhere in the world is quite like that. The places I plan to be visiting over this summer aren’t exactly the polar opposite of Canada, but from what research I have done so far, I definitely will have to plan things out and actually stick to them… at least to some degree. Or at the very least, be a little more well researched about things like the daylight hours. I feel like there are gonna be places I fall in love with and decide to stay an extra week or two, just because I can. I want to be able to enjoy the journey without being intent on the destination.

What is the best way to plan things out when you’re traveling for travel’s sake and not in a big hurry? Is it to not have a plan at all, just to be well researched? Luckily, I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way to go about it. I definitely feel it’s a learn as you go thing, and what’s right for one traveler might not necessarily be right for another. It is something interesting to think about though.


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