Vancouver Part III: Budget

A few people recently emailed me to ask about the budget I had for my trip to Vancouver, so I thought why not lay it all down in a blog post?

My original budget was about $500, but I ended up going a little over due to underestimating how much I’d need… ended up being about $650. Still not bad for a week in Canada, I think. As expected, the airfare was the biggest chunk at about $260. If I would have chosen another time of year to go, I could have potentially spent about $100 less… but since it was the holiday season, that was the bargain at the time.

Pre Trip Costs

Airfare – $260

Travel Insurance – $89

Trip Costs

Accommodation – $150

Food $80

Entertainment – $40

Transportation – $40


Total – $659

*All amounts are in USD.

The trip itself, not including the pre-trip costs, came to only about $310, divided into 8 days is about $38.75/day. For as truly expensive as Canada is, that is truly amazing.


Also to note, there are some expenses that I had to cover before the trip that I didn’t list here. About $160 for my passport and $100 for my travel backpack and daypack, but I didn’t include those as I feel most travelers would already have access to those and while they were intended for my trip in Canada, I knew they’d get use after the trip was over.


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