Women In Travel Summit & Wanderful Part I: A Community You Can Count On.

As you know, travel is something I have had my heart set on for a while. The world is something I’ve been curious about ever since I was a little girl. Of course, most people in my family see travel as something exclusively for the rich, so I was never encouraged and often pulled away from going down that path.

This last year, all of that changed. I’ve met people who showed me that my dreams are possible, who have success doing it themselves. I discovered a number of people making a living and thought, “Hey, if they can do it, why can’t I?” And then I learned about this conference… I spent this weekend in Irvine for the Women In Travel Summit, a weekend-long conference put on by Wanderful.

Wanderful is a community of thousands of women all over the globe who all have one thing in common. They really, really love to travel. I have met so many successful women over this weekend… some are experienced, others are much like me and really just beginning. Some are solo travelers, others travel with their families. A lot of foodie travelers, then the ones who were nomadic and travel just for the sake of travel. Some travel for pleasure while others make a living with it. No two people were exactly the same, but we all had this one thing in common. A curiosity that drives us, a desire to see the good and share our stories. I really got a sense of community by being around these people, and it made me all the more excited to get out and meet even more people in the travel industry, or just people who really love to travel.

The time I spent connecting with all these women this weekend left me feeling a sense of empowerment. Like I now have the resources I need to succeed, and a number of new friends who can help me succeed. I also left feeling inspired. Inspired to travel, to write, to connect with even more people and do things I never dreamt I’d have the courage to do.

Stay tuned for my next post that will cover the specific sessions I attended and what I got out of them!


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