Long Time, No Talk.

I should utilize this blog more. Writing about whatever is going on in my life can be super therapeutic… which is actually what I feel like I need a lot of these days.

Tonight is a particularly sad night for me. As I write this, I am actually meant to be on a plane to Mexico to backpack down Latin America. It was planned out and I was so excited for it… more excited than I’ve ever been for anything in my life. I actually wanted to announce this back in April, but I was going through a lot and it wasn’t the right time.

As you might figure, I am not on a plane right now, rather at my desk at home. About six weeks ago, I came back from LA… around that time, my mom had to go to a heart doctor to check things out. What she found out was not good news. As it turns out her heartbeat is so irregular she actually needs a pacemaker. Normally, it wouldn’t be that big a deal, but the heart doctor is refusing to give her one. I felt guilty planning to be gone so long, not knowing if she would be around that long, so I talked to American Airlines and they are letting me use the balance of the unused ticket toward a future purchase of another ticket so that’s pretty cool of them.

I do feel like I will probably regret not going, but there will be other opportunities. I feel like being here is more important, knowing my family needs me right now.

I have decided to make something of this summer, though, to feel somewhat productive. I’ve just applied for my driver’s licence, taken the knowledge test, and passed. This summer will be spent learning how to drive! My goal is to have my licence by the end of October, and hopefully have my own car by the beginning of the new year. I am wanting to buy myself a used Prius, which would be awesome for potential road trips!


One thought on “Long Time, No Talk.

  1. I’m sorry about your trip being cancelled, but just think Latin America will (hopefully) always be there. I really want to visit some places over there, but travelling overseas is so damn expensive 😦 and travelling around Europe is getting scary, so I think I’ll stay at home this year 😦

    Hope your mum gets well 🙂


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